Patanjali Ayurveda chose her to endorse their brands and during this stint she got to meet many TV personalities and got a firsthand experience of the show world which was a very enriching experience. All was going well when the family was stuck by disaster, her mother was diagnosed with cancer it was a trying time for the family especially for Arushi as the care of her mother was her duty and she needed constant attention at the hospital. Her mother was also a brave lady and though stricken by cancer urged Arushi to keep up her practice and egged her on to go and perform whenever she was invited to do so.


As her fame grew she was chosen to represent India at cultural events the world over. She represented India at London, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Dubai etc where performances where applauded and the media gave rave reviews now a cultural ambassador for India was on the rise and another feather in her cap.

She has been actively promoting the Namami Gange Mission started by the Indian Government to clean the Ganges. She has contributed her performance “Ganga Tujhe Salaam” in Dubai, UAE in 2016 making it the first international program to promote the initiative. And in 2016 she performed the Ganga Avataran in Varanasi, Lucknow and Kanpur. Shri Uma Bharti and Shri Sushma Swaraj have appreciated her efforts to educate the people about the importance of Ganga.