Since early childhood Arushi was attracted to the performing arts. In school she was passionate to be part of her school’s dance troupe but as luck would have it she was not chosen by the dance teacher, possibly because she was chubbier and on the heavier side. Probably the teacher thought that she would not be able to bear the physical rigour that dance requires.

The child was heartbroken and miserable. Family and friends were sympathetic and said let it go try something else. But dance was Arushi’s calling and she did not let this setback overwhelm her, instead this further strengthened her resolve to pursue her passion with unflinching dedication. It is rightly said “Where there is a will, there is a way”. And thus began her pursuit of excellence, determined to show the world that she was as good as anyone and win their appreciation.

As luck would have it, in the year 2013 under the aegis of Spic Macay, Arushi was invited to a lecture demonstration in her alma mater and lo and behold the very same teacher who had rejected her was mesmerized by her performance. After the dance when her teacher came to congratulate her, Arushi asked her madam do you think now I am fit to be in the school dance troupe. The same teacher hugged her with tears of joy.