7 Marketing Trends To Focus On 2020

Digital marketing is one of the many new industries that got its start because of the internet and it has gone through as many changes as the internet. And why not, advertisements are the major source of income for many websites and the good people who provide us with entertainment and information about almost everything there is.

There have been many innovations in the tech industry that have changed the field of digital marketing, for better and for worse. Here are seven Social Media Marketing Trends that can get you to the top.

Web Apps

Web apps are the compact and better versions of mobile apps, they function just like an app, but in our browser which saves space and loading time, most social media and shopping websites that you visit from your phone's browser are Web Apps.

Programmatic Advertising

Like the name says it is specially programmed ads that you can use to specifically target your target audience, and they have gotten so accurate that you can specifically target those who will actually buy your product down to the sub-district in which your business is.


Not everyone is comfortable talking to a stranger on a phone, so businesses started using texts and chats to service their customers, but they also have their limits, which leads to chatbots. They are programmed to handle as many queries as possible, and if not then they can direct you to a real person, but now Chatbots are using AI algorithms to generate responses themselves to any of the customer's queries and as they learn more, they get better, so much that their responses are almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Video Marketing

As technology improves and internet speed gets faster more people are moving to video-based content for their needs like tutorials, DIYs, or watching a documentary instead of reading the same in a much shorter time. And that is because it is easier to understand and remember than a wall of text, which also gives us a better chance to walk the talk instead of just talking the talk, and they have been proven to improve brand image and chances of getting a lead significantly.

Influencer Marketing

It is the internet's version of word-of-mouth marketing, the oldest and the most reliable way to spread information. And since a person is promoting your product, it seems more genuine to the consumer. You can take the help of online influencers who have millions of followers, it is all about choosing the right influencer who can spread the word about your business.

Content Marketing

Even though there are so many different mediums to online promote your business, nothing beats good old-fashioned written content, it is still a growing market despite the competition and also because not every marketing strategy is compatible with everything and that is why content marketing is not going anywhere.

User-Generated Content

Most of the social media is user-generated content, after all, it was made for the users, and using user-generated content combines the best of marketing strategies into one and the best of it all is that it is real and people trust other random unknown people over an unknown company.
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