Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a process of increasing the ranking of your website in Search Engine Page, increase in number of visitors and generating the leads by using the creative and technical activities that affect ranking of that website.

There are 2 Types of SEO:

  • On page SEO - On page SEO deals with optimizing the websites and all the meta tags and all the technical activities to improve the quality of website.
  • OFF page SEO - OFF page SEO includes all the activities which helps in link building of a website to improve the ranking in Search Engine.
Benefits of SEO
Low Cost

SEO is the low costing, You don’t need to pay for the benefits. By making the continues effort on the website, you can see traffic on your website. Of course it needs effort to maintain the position but you do not have to pay for it like we pay on advertising our brand regularly.

Increase in Traffic

There are some analytic tools where you can track the traffic users visiting your website. SEO can generate traffic on website, which results in ranking up on Search Engine.

Brand Credibility

Users trust that first listing on Google which searching for something is the most reliable company. SEO can help you in getting the first page ranking in Google by doing the efforts in the right direction. Users are tends to focus on the first page of Google.

Better Return On Investment

According to a survey visitor can be easily convert into sale who click on your link in comparing it to paid ads, where you target the users but they might not convert into sales. But if a users is searching for a particular thing, It means the users need that service/product so they are more interested into your services rather than targeting the users and flashing your ads on their screen.

Beat the competitors

Not actually but beat your competitor by grabbing the first position in Search Engine. SEO is rising its importance day by day, Your competitors are using it aggressively to get the reputed position in Search Engine. We all know the benefits of SEO and everyone is in the race of getting the position.

Expand your business

SEO can bring thousands of visitors to your website in a day. This will expand your business and generate traffic and you can make more business through it. SEO is one of the best investments for your business to take your business to the next level.

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